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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 14, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> iii, the ravens road to dallas runs right through pittsburg, and france would not have any other way. after two regular-season games, but decided by just three points, the ravens and steelers meet again, this time in the playoffs. >> it is our big story tonight at 11. is the top of the town. in about 17 hours, hines field in pittsburgh will be rocking. even though they are on the road, the ravens will have the host -- hopes of baltimore behind them. kai reed spent the evening listing to fans on wbal radio. what are the fans saying, what is the top? >> less than 24 hours to go and fans are anxious to cheer on the ravens. we listen in as dozens of fans found a sounding board for their nervous energy. for most die-hard sports fans, the next best thing to watching sports is talking sports.
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>> i think is going to be 20-10, of course the purple people eaters. >> ravens fans are certainly no exception. callers were fired up on the evening talk show. the big topic, the ravens- dealers rivalry and a prediction for a ravens win. >> ravens 12 and steelers 10. i see a tight, hard hitting a typical ravens-steelers game. >> these are to the best defenses in the nfl. there is no question about that. >> i would be surprised if they did not walk away with the wind. i am saying that pretty objectively. >> this team on the other side tomorrow has earned their way there. i am sure they will be an admirable flow. -- an admirable foe. >> there is no way he can come in here with all this talent and
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not win by more points. >> 27-10, i don't think it goes that way. i see it going down to a single possession. >> the pre-game talk is just part of the fun. ravens fans are counting on celebrating right up until february 6. >> the jets are going to pull it off and go against an nfc championship. >> all those fans have very good reason to be confident. the ravens have the best road playoff record in nfl history. gerry sandusky is in pittsburg tonight, live with ravens fans. >> the vied for the ravens is very much focused and very confident. the ravens arrive around 4:00 this afternoon and got to the hotel after that. the reason they are here at hines field instead of m&t bank stadium, they lost to pittsburgh back in week 13.
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the ravens had to fly here to pittsburg instead of the other way round. the last four games between these two teams are all settled by a field goal. the last 17 games, the ravens and steelers have scored the exact same number of points. there is a good chance the game will come down to a field goal. three points could be the difference between staying on aired going off the road to dallas. >> i definitely look forward to the opportunity. it is a tight rivalry. so many of the games come down to the last second. i am just looking for my chance. >> reagan's like their chances, even though they are on the road. they have the all-time best road record in the playoffs. they are 7-3 at postseason in the playoffs. the pittsburgh steelers have home field advantage, but their home village is not quite as daunting this year. pittsburgh is only 5-3 at home this year.
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>> we invite you to kick off a game day with us tomorrow morning. we'll have live reports from your ravens broadcasting in pittsburg, beginning right here at 9:00 a.m. saturday coverage begins at 5:00 a.m. right here on wbal-tv 11. >> the struggle continues in tucson. a community rocked by losses and searching for answers, many finding hope and strength in the courage of those who survived the violent attack. as investigators continue to try to piece together how and why it happened. >> nearly a week since the tragedy. friends and family holding on a bit tighter and a bit longer as they search for some kind of comfort here. only four victims remain at university medical center. congresswoman gabrielle giffords still in critical condition, but doctors say making incredible
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progress. >> we cannot have hope for any better improvement and we are seeing now, given the severity of her injury initially. >> ron barber spent time with the stranger to help to save his life. pam simon actually stop by the congressional office less than a week after being hit by two bullets during the attack. >> the reunion's bring a much- needed smile, but the smiles are fleeting. there are still friends to say goodbye to hear. the funeral for federal judge john roll was today. so many mourners, more than 1700. the church could not hold them all. more victims will be buried this week in. as the search for answers continues, the man responsible, loughner posted a message that said goodbye, friends.
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jay gray, nbc news, tucson. >> we will have a large war coverage of the tragedy in tucson on our website, >> is friday night, and if you are just getting home from have the hour, we have some bad news for you. you may end up spending a little more time at your favorite watering hole this year. >> a proposal would raise maryland's alcohol tax by 10 cents a drink. sheldon is live tonight in federal hill with some local reaction of the proposed hike. i am sure this is not a popular idea. >> a lot of the folks i talk to said they would not mind spending a little bit more money on a drink, but overall the food and beverage industry is opposed to this proposed hike. this bistro is bustling with folks enjoying happy hour. the managing partner is excited for the large crowd, but less than thrilled about the impact of a proposed of all tax
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increase. >> anything we can do as a business to contribute to what is happening in the city and improving the city, we are more than willing to do. we know what to do something at the cost of our guests. >> health-care advocates want the city to raise the auction hall tax. >> it is not something i need to do on a daily basis, something i do for recreation. if it cost me an extra 10 cents to help my community, i have no problem doing that. >> i think it is unfortunate, because we have enough tax is going on right now. i think that is the last thing we need, especially at fun happy hours like this. >> it would generate more than $200 million a year with money going to specific health care programs. he would be in favor of a smaller tax increase that would not harm businesses and still raise $9 million.
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a state poll finds 66% of voters support an increase. 42% prefer it be spent on health priorities. regardless of how the money is spent, most consumers in our area don't mind the tax increase. >> it is a luxury, and i am not offended by it. if they got to be too much, i could just used to pull back on the discretionary income that i spent on it. >> the house has not introduced the bill. so far there are 71 co-sponsors. >> the republican national committee has a brand-new face running the show. wisconsin gop chairman reince priebus will steer the party in 2012. the current chairman and former maryland lt. governor michael steele took his name out of the running after several rounds of balloting. >> i will step aside because i
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think the party is ready for something different. >> priebus made it to the seventh round of balloting, passing the necessary votes. revealing the health care law and hitting the reset button seems to be taught on republicans' list since gaining control of the house. the debate will continue in the next week to come up with legislation to change the so- called obamacare. legislation that democrats are but -- are dead set against. they have said that repeal would increase deficits dramatically. >> rights have resulted in the president of tunisia being driven from power. he stepped down after least 23 people were killed during the uprising. they were spared by anger over unemployment and allegations of political corruption. the prime minister will act as president until elections are held. >> pope john paul the second is one step closer to sainthood.
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" but it has accepted a miracle attributed to pope john paul ii and has set the date for his beatification as may 1. it is the last step before sainthood. pope benedict waived the standard five-year period before the process can begin. >> pope benedict has declared that it was not necessary to wait so long because of the fame and sanctity of john paul ii was so strong in the church. >> the certification of the second miracle is needed before pope john paul ii can reach full sainthood. >> find out what college kids may actually crave more than cheap beer and free food. >> war than 100 teenage mothers inside one high school. it is a situation that must be dealt with. >> shock, we are not expecting it. >> what the i team has learned about a controversial nightclub.
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>> 8 people on leave, including the warden of a baltimore city correction facility. details on that just ahead. >> another fast-moving weather system approaching from the west, and it could bring some snow, maybe even here in baltimore or the weekend. right now is 26 degrees at the airport. >> all that just ahead, but first a check on the tonight show. >> we will have michael douglas on the program tonight and some amazing animals. is it from randy rodgers bandd
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>> seven correction officers and the wharton of central booking are all laid tonight as an investigation is open into excessive use of force against an detainee. criminal charges are possible pending the outcome of that investigation. >> now we have an update for you on a story from last month about a city nightclub that was receiving a lot of attention
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from police. >> the owner said it was not warranted and that their business actually was being targeted. we have learned that the baltimore city leaderboard has suspended club real -- club realities liquor license. >> this is the engine starts on the first of february. barry simms has the very latest. >> existing in southwest baltimore's oriole park neighborhood just got tougher for club reality. the owners of the bar and grill and nightclub continue fighting to remain open but now the baltimore city liquor board has ordered a 60-day suspension of their liquor license. >> shock, not expecting it. >> kevin carter and his wife open a club reality two years ago. the building formerly housed a country and western bar. they transformed it into a jazz, rhythm-and-blues, and hip hop venue. >> a 60-day suspension will put us out of business.
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we are thinking about what our next move will be, but prior to that there is the appeals process. we will take that to the links that we can. >> we have a poisonous situation between the community and the licensee. both of them really do need to sit down and talk about ways to vent their differences and be able to survive together as a business and neighbors in baltimore city. >> the commissioners reached their decision to suspend the license after a six-hour hearing thursday night. they have ordered another round of negotiations with community associations. >> what we determined was that these public disturbances went unabated for most of 2010. there has been some relief since they hired some security. >> the owners hired off store baltimore city sheriff's
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deputies to patrol outside. >> we are doing everything that we can do to alleviate their fears. >> we also checked reports from the liquor board on the more than 60 complaints against the club. inspectors determine most of the complaints were unfounded. >> there are seven other bars within three blocks, but i am the one who is causing all the issues. what's the difference? i don't know. >> the club's owners say they are planning to appeal in court. the liquor board chairman said if both sides can work other differences, then the club can reopen earlier. >> parents, fasten your seat belts because new research suggests the average college student craig's one thing in particular more than money, beer, sex, and even friendship. what is it? it's simply a complement. two separate studies down most college students place greater value in something as simple as
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a complement than they do a paycheck, seeing friends, or having sex. there could be a downside, including giving them a sense they have no room for improvement. >> a tennessee high-school has 90 female students either pregnant or who have given birth so far this year at school. that is nearly 20% of all the girls at the school. some argue a lack of sex education programs is partly to blame. >> if they did teach sex said, they need to do it a lot sooner than 14 or 1516. >> age appropriate. it should start in kindergarten and it should be every year through the 12th grade. if we skip any of those years, we take a risk that we should not have. >> what role does mom and dad play? state law requires teaching what is called family life education, where there is an emphasis on abstinence.
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>> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> cold weather pattern remains locked in place and will stick around for the weekend. it might play it -- it may play a role in the big football game in pittsburgh this weekend. 34 degrees at b.w.i. marshall, seven below the average of 41. the record high was 79 degrees in 1932. the los 04 at the airport is 19 degrees. -- below so far at the airport is 19 degrees. even out in western maryland where the past two nights in has been down closer to 10 or 15 degrees, they are holding in the upper teens. that is an indication that the thicker cloud cover is beginning to approach the western maryland bounds. the coldest temperatures may be down toward the eastern shore. for most areas at sunrise or shortly after that, it will be a
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mostly cloudy if not overcast sky to start the weekend. we have been talking all day about these flurries that trek through pittsburg as the ravens were arriving in town earlier. that is the weather system that will be tracking right across western pennsylvania tomorrow afternoon. it will bring at least the possibility of snow or snow showers and maybe even some light accumulation during the football game tomorrow afternoon. the high pressure is not quite strong enough to clear things out. it quickly tracks north of us and heads toward new england, dragging snow showers through western pennsylvania into the middle atlantic. it looks like there will be a look messy wintry mix here monday night into tuesday of next week. tomorrow, in and out of the clouds throughout the day, snow showers hit pittsburg for the game and then slides out than ease before it clears up for the rest of the weekend. sunday is looking real nice.
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monday easy the next are approaching. it looks like a messy, which remix for more luther king day. tomorrow night, just after sunset a chance for flurries are snow showers. they will accumulate a couple of inches out west. out near deep creek, we are looking for 1-3 inches with temperatures in the 20 buzzing. the risk of a late day flurry. on the lower eastern shore, i don't think the snow showers will get there. it will be a little milder at 42 with a little more sunshine down on the lower eastern shore. the kickoff at 4:30 p.m., and game time temperatures will hover around 30 degrees. 12-60 miles an hour winds. tomorrow, dry, sunny, mid 30's on sunday. on martin luther king day we
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have a chance for a mixed monday night into tuesday, ending with snow showers and gusty winds on wednesday morning. >> fans back in baltimore and here in pittsburg are pumped for tomorrow's ravens-steelers game. the ravens are taking a different emotional approach. careflite, coming up next in sports. -- hear why. >> i am in afghanistan. i would like to give a shout out to the baltimore ravens. thank you coaches for speaking at the red zone. go ravens. >> tonight's jackpot is an estimated $30 million.
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let's see if we can make you a millionaire tonight. 35-33-17-2-15. tonight's megaball number is 8. if no one matches all six numbers, tuesday jackpot will be worth $40 million. worth $40 million.
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>> with you outside of hines field in pittsburgh where tomorrow afternoon the ravens will try to continue on the road to dallas by knocking off the steelers for a second time this year. 70,000 steelers fans will show up waving their unbelievably unattractive terrible towels, thinking they are going to make a difference in this game. i have news for them, they could not be more wrong. what will make a difference tomorrow is turnovers. the ravens are 9-1 when they force the opponent to turn over more often than they do, they are 0-4 when they turn the ball over but more often than their opponent. for chris chester, it means they have to walk a fine line between the emotions of such a big game and the pope is required to win in a hostile environment. -- the focus required.
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>> is going to be tight and it will come down to who makes the most plays in the least mistakes. we want the first game to be as perfect as we can. >> there is a good chance the outcome of the game will come down to the final minute, as it did back in week four or the ravens beat the steelers 17-14 on the arm of joe flacco. it was the final 32 seconds of the game and they beat the steelers and stunned the crowd. joe flacco does take a measure of confidence from that when earlier this season, but he says tomorrow is a completely new ball game. >> i think is more things that the fans and the media think about. we don't think about that too much. we are pretty confident going into this game. i feel like we have a very good team and have the capability of going out there and playing a good game and beating them, and that is all we are worried
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about. >> we will have a call for you tomorrow on wbal radio and are pregame coverage begins tomorrow at noon. we will join you at 4:00 and get you set for kickoff at 4:30. it will be perhaps the most physical mile on the road to dallas. >> we will see you tomorrow, hopefully after a ravens win. january may seem cold and nasty to most of us, but for loyola, there is no better time of the year. the greyhounds record is 28-16 over the last five seasons. tonight that based fairfield who had won 11 straight. with the january magic continue? the fans were feeling it and so was jerry hall. the greyhounds had the lead. in the closing seconds, shane
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walker breaks free and sealed the deal. loyola pulls off the upset, winning 66-65. we are past the midway point of the nhl season and the best record in hockey belongs surprisingly to vancouver. tonight they based the capital -- tonight they faced the capitals. midway through the third, the capitals would strike back. that is nicholas baxter, a great pass in front to mark critz johansson. he's course, cutting the lead to 3-2. -- he scores. it does not get any easier than that. the canucks win 4-2. it is the capitals' third straight loss. the seven-day forecasts, after this.
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>> i want to give a shout out to the baltimore ravens. and our friends and family at the canton square area.
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>> the weather will not matter in pittsburg. >> bring it on. >> the forecast in pittsburg calls for maybe an inch or two
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of snow. about 30 degrees with the wind chill in the teens. i am not sure how that stadium is oriented, but the southwest breeze will be coming in pretty good. >> the ravens last five games where the temperature at kickoff was under 30 degrees, they won all five. >> the next big storm comes in monday night into tuesday, and it looks like eventually freezing rain on tuesday afternoon. it could be messy for the tuesday morning rush-hour. cold and snow showers on wednesday as well. >> we have a great number of running backs and wide receivers. they will not be able to key on any one person. >> the tonight show with jay leno is coming up next. >> thank you joining us. dole ravens.
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